Riko Method


Our trained, multilingual instructors are active performers and passionate, committed educators.

Riko Weimer


Since her debut in 1987, Riko has appeared in numerous concert series and festivals in Europe, Asia and the United States. Riko studied piano with Walter Hautzig at The Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University and Edson Elias at Ecole Normale de la Musique de Paris. As a music educator, she has over 30 years of piano teaching experience working with beginners, professional recording artists, and everyone in between.

Kate Ross


Kate began studying piano at the age of 7. She became a piano teacher when she was 17, which gave her the financial independence to attend the University of Thailand, where she received a BA in Social Work. Her interests include food, fashion, travel, and animal rights. She also loves going to international music festivals with her DJ husband.

Milos Veljkovich


Being exposed to classical music since his earliest childhood thanks to his mother who is a violinist and musical educator, Milos started piano at the age of six. He joined Riko Method in September 2018 not too long after moving from Serbia where he worked as a Piano and Chamber Music teacher. Milos got his degrees in Serbia and Norway, played all across Europe and has realized quite a few recordings. He lives in Hollywood and when he’s not performing or recording, he writes, cooks or writes his own music.

Angela Gulner


Angela Gulner has her MFA in Acting from the ART/MXAT Institute at Harvard University. She began playing piano at the age of 8, and since then, her musical interests have expanded to include the Tenor Saxophone and Voice. When not teaching or playing, Angela can often be seen on stage at A Noise Within Theater in Pasadena or on your television screen.

Claire Blackwelder


Intrigued by her mother’s copy of Clair de Lune, Claire started playing piano at the age of six. She received her BA in Theatre from the University of Southern California, where she sang with and music directed her award winning a cappella group. Claire has performed on several stages on land and sea, but is best known for her role as the Purple Power Ranger on Nickelodeon, who played piano in all of one episode.